15 Creative Ways Your Business Can Showcase A New Service

by Jen Davis


15 Creative Ways Your Business Can Showcase A New Service

by Jen Davis

by Jen Davis

New products and services need to attract attention and therefore should be advertised properly to both current customers and your target audience. Advertising is about innovation as much as the new products are.

When crafting ads to showcase new products, copywriters and ad agencies need to look at what has been done before and do something similar enough to catch the consumer’s eye, but unique enough to stand out. Launching new products and services give agencies a way to show off what they’ve learned and make the most of their creativity.

Fifteen members of Forbes Agency Council examine some of the most creative ways a company can showcase its new products and services to attract the attention of both existing and potential customers.

1. Create A Launch Plan

Looking to increase awareness for a new product or service? Create a comprehensive unified launch plan! Be sure to include influencers, PR, digital ads (geo-mapping ads for products in retail), social media platforms that speak to the product/service, and blog placement. When done correctly via a well laid-out plan, each service should complement each other and create the buzz you’re looking for. – Scott Darrohn, fishbat Media, LLC.

2. Offer Hands-On Experiences

In our line of business, we regularly develop elaborate product launch events for our clients. This approach builds excitement and allows potential buyers to look at and feel the product, and to really experience its unique features and benefits. Events can include video components, live interaction, entertainment, networking and more. –Robert Macdonald, Impact Communications

3. Link It To A Trend

Attach a trend to amplify the news or decide on a marketing strategy. For example, if you’re launching a new cleaning franchise, more than 60% of millennials follow services on Facebook, so you might advertise on social instead of sending postcards. And, if you know your community is mostly under 40, call a local reporter and tell them how you’re marketing to millennials instead of sending a release. –Christine Wetzler, Pietryla PR

4. Create Proprietary Data

New products and services designed to resonate with a target audience are launched every day, but most of the time the language surrounds nothing more than potential. However, brands can use market search tactics like surveying to develop proprietary data that proves the need/demand for the product or service, which makes the news that much more compelling for journalists. – Eric Fischgrund, FischTank Marketing and PR

5. Take A Lesson From Movie Previews

A sneak peek can build excitement. The movie industry learned this long ago. Consider putting together a teaser campaign (print or digital) offering a glimpse of what is about to be announced. It’s amazing what anticipation can do to generate interest and keep stakeholders on the edge of their seats. Obviously the final reveal has to live up to the hype — with movies, that is seldom the case. – Dave Wendland, Hamacher Resource Group

6. Organize A Launch Event

In addition to drafting press release materials, we often utilize a launch event for our clients so that attendees can get up close and personal with the new product/service offering. While a lot of planning (and proper budget!) is needed, launch events are great for editorial coverage, content generation and social media chatter. –Durée Ross, Durée & Company, Inc.

7. Get Social And Collaborate

Start a conversation on the social media platforms where your target audience hangs out. Post teaser images, share unboxing or how-to videos, host a giveaway, etc. Consider collaborating with trusted influencers to help promote your launch to niche audiences. To maximize your reach, go live on your social platforms in the days leading up to your launch. Let your audience see behind the curtain. –Bernard May, National Positions

8. Create Influencer Buzz

I personally love influencer marketing — it’s a very powerful medium to build exposure quickly and grow a social media following. Having press is great and all, but using influencers will allow you to tap into a bigger pool of engaged social media users. The key to a successful launch is to have multiple placement on each influencer account to give you maximum visibility and reach. – Sam Founda, Social Connection

9. Leverage Paid Social Ads

Beyond distributing a release, leverage paid social to amplify your news. Lay the groundwork ahead of time through secured placements with industry trade publications for thought leadership content. In preparing for an announcement, especially for tech companies, schedule briefings with industry analysts so they’re up to speed on new innovations relevant to their areas of research. – Catherine Seeds, Ketner Group Communications

10. Create A Thought Leadership Campaign

In the pro services space, a new service is best introduced to the market via a set of thought leadership pieces that explain why the service exists and the problems it solves. This is more about educating people than pitching a service. This also can open doors that might be invisible to you today with prospects who need the service and are searching for solutions. – Randy Shattuck, The Shattuck Group

11. Use Augmented Reality

Extended reality is a great way to showcase your product in a brand new way. Create an experience with activation teams and create a video ad. Let the video do the work! However, make something useful with your product. A simple example: Ikea’s augmented reality app that allows you to place furniture in your own home. This is not only super fun, but it’s useful! – Azad Abbasi, Genius

12. Use Short Videos

Consider using videos to build excitement. Whether it’s a short video that highlights the key product/service benefits or an executive briefing on the announcement, video is a great way to differentiate your news while getting heard. – Ilissa Miller, IMiller Public Relations

13. Don’t Forget Your Current Customers

Often, businesses forget to market to their current customers and stakeholders. Arm your most loyal followers with the information they need to promote your product or service. You may do this several ways like in-store promotions, taste tests, event marketing or email marketing. It makes sense to start with the people who know your business first. They will give you the straight “dope.” – T. Maxwell, eMaximize

14. Send It To Key Opinion Leaders

Working with key opinion leaders in the industry to spread the word is so powerful! Before the product/service launches, give a sneak peek or sample to a group of opinion leaders or influencers to test out first. Because these people are already well known and trusted by your customers, their opinion and review of the product can help generate buzz. – Darian Kovacs, Jelly Digital Marketing & PR

15. Hire An Industry Analyst To Host A Webinar

Industry analysts can’t tell the audience that your product is the best, but they have the credibility to highlight the features and functionality needed by the industry. In addition, many industry analysts have their own email lists and regular blog readers. They will summarize your joint webinar and offer it to their audience. This expands your reach and creates credibility at launch. – Jim Caruso, M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR – Atlanta

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