Digital marketing is now necessary for all industries

Strengthen your brand and reach new customers.

Digital marketing is now necessary for all industries

Strengthen your brand and reach new customers.

by Christine Wetzler
Social media marketing is one of those tactics that feels so simple but when you try to do it yourself it can get complicated pretty quick.

Taking It Off Your Plate

We often tell new clients, we’re here to give you an extra set of hands and a few more hours in each day. This is never more true than when it comes to social media. It sits right there in between a commoditized service and something that needs to be personalized and ‘just right’ or it won’t work.

Why We’re Different

We know you need social media to help generate leads and tell your story. It’s more than just posting some words a few times a day.

At the same time, we are well aware that it might not be the highest on your own priority list. Our assistance is here to make sure you are using social media correctly to achieve your goals without spending time on content or services that don’t move the conversation forward.

Key Benefits of Social Media

Our strongest differentiator is always going to be our flexibility and willingness to do only what’s necessary. We don’t oversell. It’s worth repeating that on each page.

This is particularly important with these areas of expertise that often catch companies by surprise or are not utilized until they’re needed (if at all). Social media marketing is one of those areas. So much of it is either not as impactful as you’re lead to believe or is applied incorrectly and, therefore, ineffective.

  • We help you understand where to spend money and why
  • We make sure you’re prepared to use the right technology
  • We train you and your team on any software we use
  • We help align brand strategy and business KPIs to your online marketing strategy

Don’t get talked into buying a service you don’t need. We specify certain solutions based on the business goals you tell us you want to achieve. There’s no reason to buy, for example, a fancy auto-scheduler if a free one will accomplish your goals.

You don’t have to buy or do everything at the beginning. We know how to build on a budget. Get the cornerstones done right and thoughtfully build from there.

One of the biggest mistakes we see brands make on social media is putting money into tactics that don’t align with their branding or business goals. Posting every day with no comments? Something’s wrong. We make sure you are putting your money where your brand needs it most.