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Helping clients define their competitive advantage

Talk to the right people in the right places.

Helping clients define their competitive advantage

Talk to the right people in the right places.

by Christine Wetzler
The media landscape is changing so quickly that media relations is not the tried-and-true discipline it once was. Today, influence comes in many forms and we’re prepared to set you up to succeed.

Leading the Way

Media relations is a core skill set for us. Even before 2002, our consultants were working in this field, developing their contacts and strategic depth. The experience on our team is unrivaled by new organizations. We offer the best strategic advantage coupled with a approachable fee structure. Our firm is widely recognized as one of the leading strategic advisors in this space.

Going to Work for You

We do what we say we’re going to do, and we don’t bill you if we can’t meet expectations. On the flip side of this guarantee, we only take clients that have a good story, know how and why they need marketing and PR (this is a big requirement), and are fun and efficient to work with as a team (similarly very important). Poke around the website to see what we’ve achieved for our clients.

Key Benefits of Media Relations

We help companies at every stage of their communciations lifecycle.

  • We help you understand which media and influencers are going to move the needle for your business
  • We help break the “agency” stereotype by showing our work
  • We play well with others and utilize your entire team, including partner vendors, without complaint
  • We nurture your relationships so that you can put them to good use

We help companies identify quick, targeted ways to tell their story to the best audience. Their buying audience.

Many times it’s as simple as being on the short list for a phone call. We are the squeeky wheel. We make sure you’re in front of the right content curators.

Where media relations really moves the needle is in defining your company’s place in its ecosystem. Does it bother you that smaller or less reliable competitors are more often in the news? We can fix that.

DIY and underdeveloped strategies sometimes aren’t as targeted. They might get placements, but not in the right places. Every step we take is measured and purposeful. We can explain every action we take and what it accomplished.