Preparation is the key to successfully dealing with a crisis

Know in advance how and when to respond.

Preparation is the key to successfully dealing with a crisis

Know in advance how and when to respond.

by Christine Wetzler
Crisis communication and online reputation management is no longer just the concern of the Fortune 500. We combine several deep skill sets with practical business expertise to help our clients create sustainable, effective strategies to meet unknown challenges.

Our Expertise

Since 2002, we’ve been installed as a crisis communications solution at many of our clients’ offices. From being interim CMO to simply writing the response plan and working with an internal team of crisis response professionals, we have seen every stage of this process at work.

We will walk you through each stage of the planning and response activities. Ideally, we are able to prep you in advance to minimize the negative effects of a crisis. But, in cases where you’re hit with one before a plan is in place, we can help you there, too.

How We Work For You

The communications landscape has evolved with the introduction of social media and instant news cycles. We are able to adapt our strategies to include online response and reputation management in addition to traditional crisis planning. Our flexibility is an asset to you since much of this work isn’t relevant on a daily basis — until it is. We fill in the gaps and do not allow mistakes.

Key Benefits of Crisis Communication

Our strongest differentiator is our flexibility and willingness to do only what’s necessary. We don’t oversell. That is particularly important with these areas of expertise that often catch companies by surprise or are not utilized until they’re needed (if at all).

  • We help you understand where you’re vulnerable
  • We make sure you’re prepared to react
  • We help train your spokespeople in advance
  • We help align brand strategy with key objectives during a crisis
  • We help you nuture relationships and communities that support you through crisis situations

It can’t be said enough — crisis response is best done in advance. A good plan with buy-in from all stakeholders (and practiced regularly) takes the pressure off of response and focuses the activity on the issue at hand. We help craft this early response agreement.

One of the biggest and most avoidable mistakes when confronting a crisis is not being totally uprfront with your audience. They can sense it, and it’s usually becasue the spokespeople are unprepared. We make sure you do not fall prey to this hazard.

We use the latest software and research techniques to make sure you know what’s being said online. If necessary, our digital team can work with your company to best utilize SEO and keyword targeting to reframe online conversations.

We work with companies to develop an understanding of their communications weaknesses and then address those specifically. A good plan with advance buy-in takes the worry out of a last-minute response situation.

Media training is a must when activating a crisis repsonse plan. Everyone in front of the media or on social needs to be trained and understand the expectations of their role.