by Christine Wetzler

Christine wrote this byline for Forbes, it is also available on the Forbes website.

Opportunities For Multichannel Marketers As We Emerge From The Pandemic

By Christine Pietryla Wetzler President of Pietryla PR & Marketing, offering global reach for packaging & CPG, manufacturing, and professional services clients.

The phrase “old habits die hard” is being sorely tested as we begin to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis.

Vaccination success, combined with political and economic urgency to kick-start “normal” activities again, is propelling the unlocking of the United States, albeit at differing speeds and with varying degrees of caution among states.

It would be wrong to suggest that unlocking restrictions represents a complete return to how things were prior to the pandemic. For marketers, making this flawed assumption means you might be looking at weak results.

Let’s take the role of the office. Conventional wisdom told us that offices were crucial hubs of productivity — the defining core of organizational culture and a key factor in securing talent and business. It’s also where most people spent the most time on a computer. Remember “Cyber Monday,” when everyone got back to the office and could log on to their computers to hunt for e-commerce deals?

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