I’m not a lead generation consultant. But, I know that if you tell your story to the right people in the right way they will respond. It’s simple. Where business owners get into trouble is when they listen to experts who tell them how to “make a splash” or “target another kind of audience.”¬†First, no one knows better than an owner how buyers think or to whom they can sell. Second, it’s not about being loud or splashy, it’s about selling more. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.¬†

What is important is a solid tactical plan based on your sales goals. A true expert is going to ask you what those are, then match tactics up with the results so that they can measure and then show progress.

You’ll notice I italicized expert. That’s because it’s used a lot. When you are looking for someone who can actually help you fill your sales funnel, be sure they can fully explain how each step of their process works. There is no primer on what defines an expert, in my opinion, except that they can always easily explain what they are doing, measure its outcome and be responsible for the results.